domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


Review of Fernando Faria's AB and LO about Transparency in Online Education

I chose a set of three articles noted that the Colleague and I think are very important to grasp the concept requested by the teacher.
Dalsgaard, C., & Paulsen, M. F. (2009, June). Transparency in Cooperative Online Education. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, Volume 10, Number 3; ISSN: 1492-3831. Retrieved May 5, 2010 from

Christian Dalsgaard (2008), Social networking sites: Transparency in online education; Institute of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Retrieved May 5, 2010 from

Dalsgaard, C. (2009). Supporting Transparency Between Students. The International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace 2009. Retrieved May 5, 2010 from

In these documents it is possible to envision a very assertive set of concepts related to transparency and I will describe:The transparency improves self-knowledge.The transparency increases productivity in learning.The transparency Allows the collective work without loss of individuality.The transparency promotes the exchange of information and therefore increases the production of knowledge.To me these are the best supporting documents to the subject application.

The object of learning, was built in xtranormal well and enjoy the Web 2.0 concepts and creative processes involved to present the concept claim by Professor Paulsen. Through a dialogue explains the concept in less than two minutes, I think that very assertion.

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