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Online Teaching Techniques - Annotated Bibliography

Salter, G. and Hansen, S.  - Modelling New Skills for online Teaching, 1999
The paper

This paper presents a series of recitals on online education, which allows a new sequence perspective. The text is eleven years old, but its present is impressive, in my opinion.
The approaches found for the various teaching methodologies, and its various types, such as synchronous and asynchronous methods, the explanation of computer mediated communication. The explanation of the problems caused by the constraints of the network (Internet) is explained in a remarkable way. The approach to online assessment and changes depending on the models of classical education, we also know they contribute to the mechanisms that we introduce a simplified complex world we came up with online learning

Morten Flate Paulsen - The Online Report on Pedagogical Techniques for Computer-Mediated Communication, 1995
The site

This work, produced by: World Conference on Distance Education. Is very well structured, giving an overview of the various methods and techniques online. He is working quite extensive and it was produced in 1995, reported in detail, many of the principles of the techniques of teaching online.In this document we are guided by techniques used in online teaching, all processes are explained clearly and precisely the bibliographical references are very accurate and I think it was one of the best documents I have ever read on the topic. It explained that the interaction can be created and all mechanisms that involve the processes of teaching online. are explained techniques or approaches to online learning very accurately, I think this document, allows that a consultation experience with innovative online teaching and even though a document with a few years is extremely topical.

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